What is CanWish Photobook?

“The best way to cheer up during hard times is flipping sweet old memories through Photobook.” 

‘Canwish’ photobooks are made of matte paper and lavish colors. Our photobooks are developed by highly experienced professionals under strict supervision. It is a photobook of 32 pages in the size of 5.5 x 5.5 inches. You can design your photo book on our CanWish mobile application. Our motto is to Recall, Relive, and Rejoice all the captured memories in a printed form. It is an attempt to keep the photobook culture alive, with some modern sprinkles.

With ‘CanWish’ you can treasure memories in a photobook. You can have all of your favorite moments captured in the ‘CanWish’ photobook. You can create your customized photobook on our Application with just five easy steps.

  • Download ‘CanWish’ Application on your android device
  • Select Your Album
  • Upload pictures and Customise your messages
  • Give your address or your loved one’s
  • Select the payment option
  • Open your pack of happiness

You are ready to go!

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Why We Should Use Photobook

My memories mean a lot to me, and I hold them close to my heart – Radhika Apte

In the era of the cloud, we are forgetting what it is like to have a physical copy of memories. There is no problem in using the Phone Gallery, but face it, is it even close to photo albums? The essence of printed photos in our hands lights up all the good old memories.

Tangible photos bring old times back into our lives and they are easily accessible. It provides a sense of safe keeping and attachment when photos are kept safe in your house or workplace.

What Can I Print On It?

The many memories I will forever treasure – K. Hooton

We have come across the phase where the only way of capturing a moment was to click photos through a camera and get it printed later. There is no other feeling like checking out the album collection of your old pictures. The pictures could be of your childhood, wedding, family function, school trip, and others. Capturing those memories in physical format reminisces old memories and brings joy. 

Why Canwish Photobook?

Easy To Store
Handy for Kids
Relive Moments
Easy to Recall Memories
Personalized gift photobook
Most Popular for Couple gifts
Easy to Order
Quality of Paper
Door Step Delivery
Give memories long life
Reduce Miles Create Smile
Way out of Digital Prisonment

Process to Print your CanWish Photobook

Your self is created by your memories, and your memories are created by your mental habits – Rick Warren

You can print your CanWish Photobook in Few Easy steps


  • Download ‘CanWish’ Application

  • Upload pictures

  • Give your address

  • Select the payment option

  • On time Delivery

  • Open your pack of happiness

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