1) Why should I choose canwish when I have all of my pictures in the phone gallery?

Well there is no problem in having your pictures in electronic devices but is it’s a completely different experience when you gift someone or have a hard copy of it.

2) How much time does it take to deliver in any other state?

The general delivery period is 8-10 working days in every state of India

3) What kind of payment options do you provide?

We provide all types of payment options like Internet banking, debit card, credit card. Paytm Wallet, and cash on delivery.

4) Which type of paper quality do you use?

We use High quality 300 GSM Matte paper for our photo books.

5) How many pictures can we print in one photobook?

You can print 32 pictures in one photo book.

6) Why choose canwish ?

You can store all your valuable memories in a handy photobook.

7) What are the benefits of printing a photo book from canwish?

You can have access to the photobook whenever you want, it is handy and at the same time can be gifted to anyone.

8) What is the size of the photobook?

We provide photobooks in the size 5.5*5.5Inch

9) What is the cost of the photobook?

The cost of the photobook is Rs499/-

10) What is the return/refund policy?

It cannot be returned but it can be replaced in cases where the pictures are damaged or the book has tampered while delivering without any further additional charges.

11) Why I am unable to cancel my order after placing it?

According to our policy, we don’t allow cancellation once the order is placed.

12) Can I print more than 32 photos in one photobook?

No, the maximum limit is 32 photos. You cannot print more than 32 photos.

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